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Community Commitment

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All in Good Taste Productions is committed to social consciousness. We are constantly striving to use sustainable products to help promote environmental, social and economic benefits. We have well established relationships with farmers and vendors of similar vision. These affiliations provide us with wonderful organics, free-range meat and poultry, fair-trade items and environmentally responsible products.

A few of the socially conscious vendors that we work with include:

  • Mung Dynasty
  • Apittehikan Farm
  • Elysian Fields
  • Sand Hill Berry Farm
  • Wil-Den Farms
  • Harvest Valley Farms
  • Robert Sendall’s Herb Garden
  • 4 Story Hill Farms with Sylvia Pryzant
  • Pletcher’s Farms

In our day to day business we concentrate on minimizing the amount of refuse being sent to landfills. We take care to gather our recyclables make weekly trips to the city recycling facility to surrender the cardboard that we amass through purchasing.

Daily waste scraps of produce from preparation are gathered and used to feed livestock within our community. We believe that by making small changes in our daily routine, we can impact the global food, resulting in a better world for all.